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Wicker Park Chicago Neighborhood

Wicker Park is among Chicago’s trendiest neighborhoods. It has experienced dramatic change and growth over the past couple decades, including lots of new Wicker Park condos for sale. The region was originally settled and developed as one of the most Polish neighborhoods in the city, and in fact, the intersection of Division, Ashland and Milwaukee is still known as the “Polish Triangle.”

Only twenty years ago, Wicker Park was considered to be a blighted area that was ruled by gangs and crime. But then, at some point in the 1980s, artists began moving into the area and converting large warehouses and lofts into live/work spaces. Within a decade, Wicker Park became the Midwest’s most bohemian enclave. Smelling potential, developers promptly followed their lead. As a result Wicker Park condos for sale are among the most sought-after in the city.

Now, Wicker Park is Chicago’s center for coffee shop culture, vintage clothing retailers, sleek sushi bars, hip nightclubs and local art galleries. Although the median income of Wicker Park residents has shifted upwards, its cultural essence has remained intact. The neighborhood is still one of Chicago’s premier art districts and still hosts the annual Around the Coyote Art Festival, which attracts thousands of visitors to the neighborhood each year.

Most of the older Victorian-style homes in Wicker Park were built soon after the Great Chicago Fire, and as such, they were built of stone and concrete and just about any material that builders could get their hands on – except for wood. Many of those late-19th century walkups are still standing in Wicker Park, and they’re mixed in with brand new brick condo buildings that have sprung up in recent years that have a more modern aesthetic. Many of the smaller cottages and bungalows that fell into a state of disrepair during the neighborhood’s less prosperous days have been replaced with new multi-unit condo buildings. And because of the neighborhoods eclectic nature, there are plenty of rentals mixed in with condos of all different styles (and prices).

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