Chicago Condos Online - Thu October 21, 2021

South Loop Chicago Neighborhood

The South Loop is a prime location for new residential development in Chicago – one that has caught the attention of both condo builders and condo buyers. A number of new construction condominiums have gone up in the area already and several more are on the way. A line of residential towers and glass-covered high-rises have shot up along Michigan Avenue next to great dining, swanky lounges and major tourist destinations. The rest of the South Loop is a flurry of activity with cranes and craftsmen buzzing around construction sites as this south side Chicago neighborhood continues to grow into one of the city’s hottest real estate markets.

Chicago’s South Loop neighborhood has experienced one of the swiftest turnarounds of any Chicago neighborhood ever. In the 19th century, the South Loop was a center of train freight and printing. However, by the second half of the 20th century, most of the commercial enterprise that had formerly flourished in the South Loop had moved elsewhere and was replaced with surface parking lots and warehouses, and the neighborhood was known for attracting criminal elements.

South Loop Condos