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River North Chicago Neighborhood

Like its neighbors to the north and west, Chicago’s River North neighborhood is a veritable treasure trove of excellent condominiums. The neighborhood is located just across the river from Chicago’s central business district, The Loop, and its name is derived from its geographical relationship to the Loop.

First and foremost, River North is known as a hotbed of independent art galleries, boutiques and world-class restaurants. The neighborhood is Chicago’s cultural epicenter, and it is one of the city’s hottest nightlife districts, but that’s not the only thing that River North has going for it – people live there too, and the neighborhood has one of the richest housing markets that can be found anywhere in Chicago.

The condo market in River North is as diverse as any neighborhood in Chicago. There is an obvious trend towards high-rise living, and more high-rise condo buildings are sprouting in the neighborhood every day, it seems. However, real estate opportunities are not limited to high-rises either; there is also an abundance of loft conversion and mid-rise buildings that have been given gut-rehab renovations in recent years.

A photograph of the River North skyline from any time in the 1950s or ‘60s will show how drastically the neighborhood has changed over the past 50 years. Most of the landmarks that we have come to associate with the neighborhood have actually been built since the 1960s – aside from some obvious exceptions, like the Wrigley Building, Merchandise Mart, and the Encyclopedia Britannica Building, for example. In that time, River North experienced a building and population boom that has been virtually unmatched by any other neighborhood.

The construction of the Marina City towers (those iconic honeycomb-shaped towers on State Street) pioneered the movement towards high-rise condo living in River North and in Chicago. Construction on the twin towers began in 1959, and they were completed in 1964. At 61 floors each, they were, at that time, the tallest all-residential buildings in the world, and they set a standard for urban living in Chicago that many other buildings have tried to duplicate. In the past decade alone, dozens of new high-rise condo buildings have emerged near the Chicago River and in the streets between Michigan Avenue and State Street. The most obvious example of the trend is the Trump Tower, which, at 92 floors, will be Chicago’s newest super-tall skyscraper, and the first to be built in the city in more than 30 years.

Moving further inland, though, there’s a trend towards converted brick and timber lofts, and a few larger condos can be found in some of the mid-rise condo buildings between Grand and Chicago avenues. River North is one of the hottest neighborhoods in Chicago, and as such, condos here tend to be quite a bit pricier than other neighborhoods. But of course, that’s the cost of living within walking distance of the city’s most popular attractions.

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