Chicago Condos Online - Mon January 24, 2022

Lakeview Chicago Neighborhood

Lakeview was once its own township—way back in the 1800s. It has since been incorporated as a neighborhood of Chicago, but aspects of the independent town still linger. Historic entertainment venues and long-established commercial districts thrive in Lakeview attracting North Siders for popular music shows, great shopping and dining, and businesses that serve just about every need you could have in the city. Not to mention Lakeview condo sales provide an excellent place to live amongst all the action.

Downtown Chicagoans used to travel to Lakeview for the nightlife. Well, not much has changed. The neighborhood continues to be an evening hotspot. It has lots of bars, taverns and clubs, plus several of the city’s top concert sites. Two of the biggies are The Vic and Metro. Both regularly book bands touring through Chicago. The converted vintage theaters are used to handling the crush of fans that descend upon Lakeview for shows and it’s not uncommon to see lines of concert-goers awaiting the doors to open for their favorite musical artist.

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