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Hyde Park Chicago Neighborhood

Hyde Park is one of the most beautiful and historic neighborhoods in Chicago, and it’s also one of the most unique. The neighborhood rose to international prominence in 1893 when the World’s Columbian Exposition was hosted there, and many leftovers from the world’s fair can still be seen in Hyde Park. The most visible leftover from the fair is Hyde Park’s beautiful parks, which rival those of any neighborhood in Chicago. The residential center of Hyde Park is wedged between Jackson and Washington parks, which are two of the South Side’s largest and most impressive public parks. However, it’s Hyde Park’s lakefront property that’s most impressive. As with much of Chicago, the Hyde Park lakefront is reserved as parkland with a bicycle trail running along the edge of the lake all the way to the downtown Loop.

Hyde Park is the home of the University of Chicago, one of the most prestigious universities in the world. The U of C has a large presence in the neighborhood, as it owns a large amount of real estate, both on campus and in the neighborhood, and most of the university’s many thousands of faculty, staff and students live in the neighborhood.

In addition to the university, though, Hyde Park also features a number of impressive institutions. And at the top of most people’s lists is the Museum of Science & Industry, which is one of the premiere science museums in the country. Hyde Park also features one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s most famous homes in the Robie House, which is located on the corner of Woodlawn Avenue and 58th Street. Robie House is a quintessential example of the Prairie School style of architecture, and it is currently open to the public as a museum. On the actual university campus there are also several world-class museums in the Renaissance Society and the Smart Museum, both of which are contemporary art museums, and the Oriental Institute, which is a museum of the ancient near east. Hyde Park is also known for having some of the best book stores in Chicago and a very lively dining scene.

When it comes to real estate, it should come as little surprise that Hyde Park was once a suburb, as the neighborhood parallels to a certain extent the northern suburb of Evanston. However, that’s only one face of Hyde Park’s real estate market; there’s also a very healthy condo market in Hyde Park, ranging from the impressive high-rises that dot the lakefront beginning in southern Kenwood and extending south to the Museum of Science & Industry campus.

The Jackson Towers are a good example of what can be found on the higher end of the Hyde Park condo market. Located on the northern edge of Jackson Park, these historic towers offer some large units with as many as three bedrooms for an average of about $320,000. Another of Hyde Park’s most popular condo buildings is University Park, a complex that includes two mid-rise condo buildings that are located right in the middle of one of the neighborhood’s main thoroughfares, 55th Street. The units in University Park are slightly smaller than some other comparable condos in Hyde Park, although their prices are quite competitive, ranging from the low $100s to the low $300s.

Much of Hyde Park’s allure stems from the impressive quantity and quality of the neighborhood’s housing market. For more of a century, Hyde Park has enjoyed steady growth and prosperity, and it shows in the range of housing options that are available in the neighborhood. Because of its broad appeal, Money magazine focused on Hyde Park in 2002, listing it as one of the hottest neighborhoods in Chicago. And along with all of the impressive parks and cultural attractions that Hyde Park has to offer, the neighborhood boasts some of the best schools in the city.

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