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Edgewater Chicago Neighborhood

Although most Chicago residents probably don’t know it, the far North Side neighborhood of Edgewater is the city’s most densely populated neighborhood. That comes as a surprise because although Edgewater has a number of large all-residential high-rises, the neighborhood is dwarfed by the mammoth skyscrapers of the Chicago Loop. But the big difference between Edgewater and the Loop or River North, for example, is that Edgewater is almost entirely residential.

Edgewater was first settled at the end of the 19th century as a suburb that served as a summer retreat for some of Chicago’s wealthiest families. Although it has developed to a degree that makes those days almost unimaginable these days, there is still a feeling among residents that Edgewater is a beachside getaway. The neighborhood’s skyline of lakefront apartment and condo high-rises is reminiscent of Miami, with dozens of large residential buildings competing for the best views of the lake.

Edgewater’s primary residential corridor runs between Winthrop and Kenmore avenues, which run north-south a couple of blocks inland. Most of the condos on these two streets have a historic charm and have been rehabbed in the past few decades. Clark Street and Sheridan Road are the primary thoroughfares that run through the neighborhood, and on those two streets you’ll find a rich café culture along with some smaller boutiques and independent restaurants. The neighborhood’s greatest asset, though, is of course the lakefront access. Between Foster and Hollywood avenues, the Edgewater’s lakefront property is reserved as parkland, and further north, between Hollywood and Devon Avenue, the lakefront is occupied buy large condo buildings, which enjoy some of the best real estate in all of Chicago.

One of the great benefits of having such a wide range of properties, the cost of living in Edgewater can vary widely. For example, a one- or two-bedroom condo in the neighborhood can be found for as little as $100,000 or $120,000, but there are also some large single family homes and penthouses in Edgewater that can be found for as much as a million dollars. The average sales price for a condo in Edgewater was about $235,000 in 2006, which is quite competitive for Chicago’s north side.

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