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Chicago has held its ranking as the third largest city in the U.S. for decades, but it’s the lasting history, architectural achievements, beautiful landscape, and individual people that have proven it to be the “cultural capital” of the Midwest time and again. Treasured landmark buildings, bustling downtown blocks, and unrivaled lakefront parks set the scene for an urban center unlike any other in the country. With more than 2.8 million residents, the magnitude of Chicago’s appeal is irrefutable… And its unquestionable charm is yours to discover!

Architecture in Chicago has always been a phenomenon that sets Chicago apart from other major metropolitan cities. The distinctive skyline boasts famous buildings (many identifiable by their outline alone) and precedent-setting designs (the modern skyscraper was a product of Chicago innovators). The Sears Tower, the Hancock Center and the twin Corn Cobs (actually named Marina City) have all become symbols of Chicago and are recognized around the globe. Other familiar attractions such as Buckingham Fountain, Wrigley Field and even the state-of-the-art, mega-convention center at McCormick Place, continue the legacy of iconic construction that Chicago is known for. First-time visitors and lifelong residents alike find it hard not to marvel over the skyscraping towers and celebrated sights that have made this Midwestern town a world-class city.

Such grand architecture and memorable work can’t help but influence the direction of Chicago’s contemporary constructions and private residences. Today’s Chicago developers are just as pioneering as their predecessors, delving into revolutionary building designs and eco-sensitive engineering ideas. Sleek glass façades and futuristic blueprints with green roofs and recycled materials are gradually changing the face of Chicago, without stealing the sparkle of its time-honored gems. Every year, the cityscape evolves a little more to incorporate imaginative, 21st century concepts and a fresh, new take on traditional styles.

Chicago is a city that embraces the here and now but doesn’t disregard its appreciation of times past. Its history is loaded with stirring accounts and intriguing traditions that are carried through the centuries and observed with panache! Citywide celebrations, downtown parades, annual festivals and neighborhood block parties are the soul of Chicago’s community culture – bonding the generations and upholding its customs. Chicagoans share a love of many things… and food is up there at the top of the list. One cherished culinary classic is the deep dish pizza. This thick-crust, mile-high pie originated here which is why it’s referred to as “Chicago-style” pizza. For a true sampling of the city’s best eats, visit during Fourth of July weekend for the Taste of Chicago. It’s the biggest food festival in the country and one of the most anticipated events of year!